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Know The Terms And Conditions Of Thread Taps And Thread Gauges Manufacturer


Meeting your ongoing needs of metric thread gauges and thread taps is not all that easy. It is crucial that you do your homework well in picking the best matches for your requirements. There are numerous suppliers in the industry and all of them claim that they offer the best quality thread gauges and thread taps. They also claim that they have the lowest prices in the industry. It would take just a few minutes to establish the veracity of these claims. 

When you are picking your thread gauge manufacturers or UN thread tap manufacturers you are required to find the most trustworthy partners so that you will have someone that you could go to regularly for all your ongoing requirements. In this process you should not forget to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the manufacturers. These terms and conditions will determine the direction of the entire contract with your supplier or manufacturer. 

What is the minimum order requirement imposed by the manufacturer? At times the minimum order requirements would be set at a low volume but over a period the manufacturer could increase this volume. If some thing like that happens, how are you going to manage if the new MOQ limit is higher than what you could consider for your requirements? You may need to find out from your manufacturer, how frequently these values would be changed so that you could be better prepared.

The next important factor to take into consideration is the quality related concerns. If the quality of the thread gauges and the thread taps delivered is not up to the standard then what happens? Do you have any option to return the thread gauges and thread taps? Will your manufacturer accept the returns and will they replace the faulty thread gauges and thread taps? In such situations who pays for the return shipping expenses? You are required to have such questions answered before the orders are placed and before you make any sort of payment to confirm your order.

What are the payment terms? Do you need to pay the entire cost before the production starts or do you need to make an advance payment and the rest before the orders are shipped? You must have 100% clarity on these matters. Is there any order setup fee for custom orders? Is there any difference in the pricing structure if it is custom requirements? You are required to gain clarity regarding these matters too. 

Does the manufacturer commit to deliver your orders in a timely fashion? If there are delays in the delivery of the orders, are there any sanctions relating to the delays? How will the losses you incur due to the delay of your orders be handled? Have all such doubts too clarified so that you will have a very smooth sourcing process. All these are to be clarified right at the start so that you could use the same manufacturer for all your future needs too.