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Finding A Suitable Printed Circuit Board Company


Society’s appetite for technology increases with each passing year. It is unlikely subside anytime soon given all of the benefits that people get from their gadgets. The industry and all of its players need to keep up with the demand while staying competitive in a crowded environment. Most have specialized in their own niche to cope. Product creators are also outsourcing much of the work such as PCB manufacturing and assembly. This reduces their need for capital while allowing them to move much faster. To find a suitable printed circuit board company, like PCBs by Avanti Circuits, the following factors will have to be considered:

Circuit Complexity

There may be a lot of PCB companies but not all of them are capable of making highly complex circuits. These involve multiple layers to minimize footprint and create smaller products. There may also be a need for custom specifications to improve performance, reliability, and overall quality. In this kind of situation, only the advanced manufacturers may be able to deliver the goods because the process requires high-level equipment. On the other hand, those who only need relatively simple circuits such as those for children’s toys and engineering student projects may be able to order from any company they choose.

Quantity Requirement

Another thing to think about is the number of pieces that customers are trying to acquire. There is a certain overhead cost for each board. Some may find it difficult to entertain small orders as they cannot make the pricing work. They might only deal with medium to large businesses who order in the thousands or more. However, there are companies that accept small to medium orders such that any student or hobbyist can rely on them all the time. They might be able to deliver even if the order is for a single board, such as what might happen while in the testing phase.

Turnaround Time

Consider the time that it takes for the printed circuit board company to finish the task and deliver the order. These will generally post their standard turnaround time that may last from a few days to a few weeks depending on complexity and quantity. It is best to place the orders ahead of time just in case anything happens. It is also possible to pay extra for expedited processing. This will help those who are trying to beat their deadlines without sacrificing quality. The boards are rigorously checked to prevent errors.

Price per Unit

Lastly, customers can check out the prices published by different companies. Many of these will have online tools that produce instant quotes based on the basic specifications. Others will require manual inquiries which produces slower but more accurate quotes, along with answers to any questions for clarity. The price per unit becomes more important as the quantity increases since every single cent will be multiplied. See which ones are able to deliver good quality circuit boards within the specifications at the most competitive rates. Some might be able to provide discounts for bulk orders or engineering student projects.