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Finding email from LinkedIn: the productivity of searching with this social network

LinkedIn is an unusual social network, which is used in communication and work by experts, specialists in a particular field. There is a lot of useful business information and almost no entertainment. Basically, there is a business attitude in the dialogue, real coordinates and actual data on companies and specialists who are engaged in business. If these aren’t convincing arguments, then maybe the number of active profiles, which has passed the 700 million marks, will convince you to pay attention to the social network. Or another indicator is the more than 55 million companies that are actively present on the platform and use it to develop commerce.

The diversity and volume of potential customers on LinkedIn is almost limitless. But to use this powerful potential, it is important to apply the right tools. And above all, we are talking about finding emails from LinkedIn. Search algorithms offered by services such as have a quick effect.

LinkedIn: super productive and relevant

Why do you need anyone’s email at all? Because developing a corporate blog, a website, a social network without involving customers is a thankless and useless job. You need to promote your content, and this is where a cold email newsletter is needed.

And that’s where an email search on LinkedIn comes in, because this email extraction would help to get the address of a potential target customer legally and relevantly for a service or product. And other ways would not be effective. So-called “databases” with addresses and names are often “gray” and illegal information with many errors. Do we need to spend time and money on this? It is up to the individual entrepreneur to decide.

Why LinkedIn searches are the best choice

Extracting email addresses from LinkedIn is a useful practice that provides a host of new business opportunities. And using services to work with and get advanced information from this social network is the best choice for increasing the relevance of newsletters:

– LinkedIn is structured so that it is only used by those who really need contact with peers in a professional capacity;

– the network has little emotion and a lot of business, so it is mainly used by those who really need to communicate with their colleagues in a particular industry;

– all the data here is also relevant to business actions, as it is used within the network to communicate and conclude contracts, make appointments and dialogue.

Saving marketers the time and effort of expanding their list of interested mailing list recipients is working with data from LinkedIn. It’s worth a try.