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In the current scenarios of busy lives, everyone wants to be independent. Gone are the days when people depended on each other to commute. Nowadays, every other individual has a vehicle to commute to, whether a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler. The reason for the preference for private cars over public transport is the independence that comes with learning driving skills and the sense of comfort and convenience. Driving has now become a life-essential skill. The individual gains confidence as well as a sense of responsibility.

There are different ways through which one can learn this skill. One of the proper ways is to learn from a driving school. In countries like Dubai, enrolling in a driving school is mandatory to obtain a driving license. The government set up driving schools that provide the necessary training per the driving test requirements. The driving institute in Dubai takes care of the whole procedure from applying application to giving tests and finally obtaining a driving license. They provide theoretical and practical lessons, including preparation for tests for mental and physical competencies.

There are many other benefits of joining a driving school in Dubai, which are as follows: –

  • Option to learn various Vehicles- driving institutes in Dubai offer some options for learning different vehicles, including Cars, Motorcycles, Heavy/light buses, Heavy Trucks, Light forklifts, Heavy forklifts & Shovels. These choices help people choose their preferences and get theoretical and practical knowledge about them.
  • Theory Classes- Before learning the vehicle, the learners are given theory lessons which are mandatory to be attended by all the applicants. A minimum of eight lectures are necessary, but the number of lectures might vary according to vehicle category and early experience of the applicant.
  • Dynamic Pricing- the course prizes are dynamic per the candidate’s preference. There are two groups of choices; one is the preference for suitable timing, and the other is the preference for vehicle gear. The applicant is charged differently for regular training, night training, weekend training, and additional flexible time preference. The charges also vary as per the vehicle’s choice of manual or automatic gear. Also, the costs for beginners, valid license holders between 2 to 5 years, and over five years might vary.
  • Different Types of Courses- each vehicle has various courses, and the applicant can choose as per their choice and affordability. For instance, courses like Youth Driving Courses are primarily designed for young university and college students in Dubai; others include Affordable Driving Course for low-income groups.
  • Experienced Trainers- the trainers at the institute are experienced and aware of the applicants’ requirements. Thus, helping people to gain hands-on knowledge. They might also help them by sharing their experiences related to the vehicle and handling vehicles in traffic, which might help them in the future. They also provide essential tips and tricks used to clear the driving test.
  • Variety of Tests- there are different types of tests, both theoretical and practical. The theoretical test contains questions about traffic rules, signs, symbols, traffic situations, and specifics of driving licenses. If the individual clears the theoretical test according to the set criteria, only then s/he will be eligible to appear for a final road test. The final road test is the most challenging step in which the applicant got to show the examiner the perfection of his/ her driving skills and a sense of road responsibility.
  • Ease of Communication- the classes and the course are available in 3 primary languages, making it easy for the locals and people migrating from different parts of the globe to indulge in courses to get a license. The theoretical courses are available in Arabic, Urdu, and English.
  • Ease of Learning- the institutes have now made e-learning portals available in English and Arabic, making it easy for people to gain knowledge and prepare for the test. It also saves a lot of time.

Thus, obtaining a driving license is a step-by-step process in Dubai. Indeed, the whole procedure is time-taking, but ultimately it helps deliver complete knowledge to people. Therefore, making them responsible citizens.