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Strix – Location Sharing App

The world, as it is today has become cramped when compared to our forefathers’ times when they enjoyed freedom mostly derived out of nature. They had plenty of time left at the end of a day. People then lived off closely knit societies refered to as villages. The essential needs of theirs were all local grown the likes of Food, Clothing, Homes, Herbal Medicines and Dairy farming. After engaging in these works during the day in the evening the people helped themselves to relaxation to ward off their weariness.

Most of them got to gather and socialize by way of sharing news, singing songs, dance and sharing food popularly refered to as Bring a Dish. They also involved themselves mostly in outdoor activities provided by nature like swimming in lakes, tanks and fishing. As open spaces were plenty, they would engage in activities such as running races, playing with balls and the likes. Although then world was not materialistic compared to the current world people were less stressed and relaxed. In today’s concept to live like in the past is limited to imagination.

Today the people got to live in a cramped environment where the stress levels are at a high. Medical statistics prove this with the numbers afflicted with mental disorders on the rise. With this busy lifestyle people still have to find relaxation to fit to their schedule. As per the saying every dark cloud has a silver lining the most popular industry in the whole world since the 19th century, the movie industry has and keeps going from strength to strength. Bringing movies within arms reach is now a reality with the development of movie Apps. One such great and unique App is the STRIX APP.It’s nothing but the world of movies and movies and more movies and TV shows to cater to all tastes of the viewers.

Features of Strix App

STRIX APP has caught on with the world as it is been used inevery part and corner of the world.

LIVE STREAMING at it’s best with the world’s most watched popular entertainment channels been featured. NETFIX,HULU, MUSIC,NBC NEWS,SHOWTIME and the list is too long to mention all.

HIGH QUALITY with HD feature.

SECURE ACCESS with a unique access code to each user max security is provided.

UNINTERUPTED viewing of the full length made possible as buffering can be prevented whilst on play.

Forget going to the cinema to watch your favourite. With the STRIX APP in your favourite smart device bring the cinema to your home. Now with your family and friends make the most convenient show times to suit all and switch on to whatever movie or show share a drink and with some short eats bring all of the chill and excitement. Relaxation has never been better. Thanks to the STRIX APP, has brought the good old times of past years back to the present times offering relaxation to be enjoyed to the max.

Running background apps like strix may cause performance slow down. You can use performance booster application like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, etc. Those Android junk cleaners and booster can boost performance by closing or hibernating unwanted apps and tasks.

Download Strix Apk

Best way to download any apk file is using an Android App store like AC Market or Happymod. First download AC Market app and install. Then go to search and type “strix”. You will see this apk file on search results. You can do the same with Happymod app store.